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EriStaruk Media Martyrs Fund Raiser Pledge.

EriStaruk Media Pledges to contribute $1 Dollar for every New Subscriber to our channel here towards Our Martyrs Fund in conjunction with EPLF HGDEF Vission Paltalk Chatroom Martyrs Fund Raiser efforts.

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It’s our pledge to raise up to 10’000 Nakfa $620 dollars as a contribution to the fund. By Subscribing to our channel as we strive for being Voice of Eritrea’s Fourth Front, in turn, you support us to spread the Truth about Eritrea, its People, Culture, Heritage and its Proud History to end all anti-Eritrea WORDS of dis-information.


In turn, we at pledge to contribute $1 equivalent to 11-13 Nakfa as a thank you for your kind support and on your behalf towards the Martyrs Fund.

Our Target pledged at no cost to you is $620 dollars equivalent to or approximately 10’000 Nakfa.

Subscribe Now and Help us Keep a Promise. Click on Our YouTube Channel Subscribe button.

We thank You.

Zelalemawi Zkhrin Mogesin nSemaEtatna

Awet nHafash.

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