Ethiopia’s Government TPLF elicit funding of dis-functional criminal fraudsters in diaspora

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Is UK Foreign Aid to Ethiopia Financing Fraudsters?

The Ethiopian Government TPLF for years has been known to fund secretly groups of people within the diaspora to further its elicit efforts to destabilize Eritrea by funding abstract opposition groups in the name of Freedom of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion extra.

Here we will demonstrate how the Ethiopian Government despite over 11 million starving citizens in Ethiopia and public unrest and the depleted economy is happy to spend public money to fund the UK based Criminal and Fraudster  Mr. Eyob Berhe Ghebre Sellassie who was found guilty by UK HMRC in his part to defraud.

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According to HMRC HM Revenue & Customs investigation,

The principal trustee of a charity, who attempted to steal over £100,000 in a Gift Aid tax relief fraud, has been sentenced after an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Eyob Ghebre Sellassie, from Essex, submitted two Gift Aid declarations for 1,300 fictitious donations to African Aids Action, totaling £416,074. The false claims resulted in a Gift Aid tax repayment of £104,018 that he wasn’t entitled to.

Peter Milroy, Assistant Director, Criminal Investigation, HMRC, said:

“This was a despicable crime that saw Sellassie use the identities of innocent taxpayers to steal from the nation’s finances while pretending to support vulnerable people overseas with serious health issues. He thought he could abuse the Gift Aid system to greatly enhance his lifestyle without getting caught. He was wrong and will now pay the price for his criminal actions.”

Sellassie purchased the names and addresses of 5,000 people to fabricate donations. He went on to use 1,300 of those names and addresses to support his illegal Gift Aid tax relief claims. Evidence gathered by HMRC confirmed the donations had not been made.

African Aids Action Limited’s stated aim was the “relief of people suffering from HIV, particularly those from Africa and the Caribbean, by providing a confidential mother tongue counseling and advice service and by improving access to HIV and AIDS treatment in Africa.”

The charity was de-registered by the Charity Commission and removed as a charitable organization three days after Sellassie was arrested by HMRC in September 2013.


In Accordance, with UK Laws Noone who is found Guilty of a Crime and sentenced to Custodial or suspended sentence can hold any office in a board of directors or organization.

Therefore how is it Mr. Eyob Berhe Ghebre Sellassie able to receive and  be funded by Foreign Government of Ethiopia to a tune of 100000 Ethiopian Birr and wired to his account a total sum of £26’524.92p twenty-six thousand five hundred twenty-four pounds  via money transfer RIA on the 14/03/2018 for his part in promoting a distorted propaganda of AGAZIAN.

As Ethiopia is a recipient of UK Foreign Aid, the question remains is UK Foriegn Aid Cash finding its way back to the United Kingdom to finance the Elite operations of Criminals and Fraudsters like Mr. Eyob?


See insert: Image of Money Wired to Mr, Eyob Berhe Ghebre Sellassie from TPLF Official in Ethiopia Mr, Dawit Gebregziabher on the 14/03/2018.

Cash Transfer to Eyob Berhe Ghebre Sellassie

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